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Welcome to wearefujoshi, a fandom community where BL fans can openly discuss, review and pimp their favorite authors and works without having to deal with being ashamed or embarrassed about their hobby. This community was set up with the idea in mind that non-Japanese BL fandom was lacking a place where all fujoshi (and fudanshi) could come together and find well-thought-out reviews and discussions and easily find fellow BL fans with similar tastes. We will try our best to keep well-formatted, interesting posts about BL news, discussions, release dates, mangaka information and story reviews. Feel free to comment and post and share your love for your favorite BL mangaka, stories, magazines, drama CDs, novels, anime, etc.


  • Don't be a dick. This is an all-inclusive fandom community. If you disagree with someone, there's always a polite and level-headed way to discuss things without pushing your opinions off on others as facts. Think before you start a discussion. Is it going to incite wank? If you have an unpopular opinion, are you unable to handle people disagreeing with you without getting nasty and insulting? If so, then don't post.
    All posts will be moderated in case of overly negative content. If you see something insulting and rude in the comments, feel free to contact a moderator.

  • That being said, this community has zero tolerance for "hate reviews". Do not come here and try to submit a post after reading a manga you absolutely hated just so you can sit and complain and belittle the mangaka and story. Reviews should be as non-biased and non-judgmental as possible.

  • No download links are allowed on this community--not in the posts nor in the comments. If you want someone to download or read something, link to the proper scanlator community, scans comm or an otherwise properly-credited place where the file can be found.

  • For reviews and pimp posts, please be sure to use the formatting we provide or your post will not make it through moderation. Post formatting can be found here.

  • Use tags! This is of utmost importance to keep the community organized and easy to navigate. If you are uncomfortable tagging your own entries, leave them untagged until a moderator gets to it.

  • Lastly, there will be adult content on this community so join at your own discretion.

mangaka rec posts.
These are posts written for mangaka that you like and should include information and reasons that can help other people become interested in that mangaka as well. If possible they should be concise but also interesting and preferably overflowing with adoration.

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manga rec posts.
Reviews are for longer, more in-depth discussion around any given manga or series. A review should be non-biased yet critical--discuss what people might like about the manga and what they might not like. A good review isn't all about the reviewer's preferences, but instead a in-depth summary that will help others know if they will or will not like the manga.

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currently reading.
These posts are a free-for-all--post about whatever manga you're currently reading and are excited about. It gives you a chance to talk about the manga you're enjoying without having to write a long-winded review. There is no specific posting format aside from using the tags, and feel free to flail and write as much as you want. However, no hate posts!


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